• 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Biodegradable Printing

  • Made in Australia

  • Naturally Produced

  • Recycled Packaging

  • Vegan Friendly

Main Ridge Olive Company has been a project fuelled by a love of excellent produce and passion to master the art of growing, harvesting and cold pressing olives.

There's olives. And then there's olivveesss.

Learn a little bit about why we’re great, and why you should care with our sweet facts.

Cold Extracted

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold extracted under 27 degrees.

Good for the Soul & the Planet

We manage all our groves organically, absolutely no pesticides here.

Picking & Pressing

All our olives are pressed within 6 hours of harvesting to ensure the health benefits are maintained.

Traditional Methods

Our olives are naturally salt-brined over an 18-24 month period using traditional fermenting techniques. This helps our olives maintain their natural crunch and firm texture.

  • Approximately 5,000 olives make up 1 bottle of 700ml EVOO

  • Free Shipping Over $100

  • Olives are fruits

  • Our olives are pressed within 6 hours of harvesting

  • Our smoke point exceeds 200 degrees celsius

Did you know?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich in plant compounds called polyphenols which have effective antiox­idant properties!

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Cold Extracted
Antioxidant Rich
Chemical Free
Monounsaturated Fats
Main Ridge
Other Olive Oil
Not always.
Feeling lucky?
Hit and miss.
Vege Oil

Snake oil? No way. Extra virgin please!

Taste the produce from some of the Mornington Peninsula’s sweetest spots such as Main Ridge, Red Hill, Rye and Flinders, bringing together a wealth of oil varietal and olive mixes each year.

Best sellers and our favourites. Grown, harvested and loved.

We believe great olives should be everywhere. Learn what we’re up to.

  • Monounsaturated oleic acids

  • Anti inflammatory

  • Rich in Antioxidants

  • High in vitamin E & K


How long does the product last?

We recommend consuming our EVOO within 2 years of harvesting. The sooner the better.

Where do I store my EVOO?

EVOO keeps best when stored
outside of direct sunlight.

Can I cook with EVOO?

Of course! Our EVOO has a
high smoke point, often exceeding 200 degrees Celsius, meaning it’s uses are extensive and a great healthy alternative to frying with unhealthy alternative oils.

What is the difference between olive oil and extra virgin olive oil?

Unlike olive oil, EVOO has
considerable processing laws in Australia. In order to legally sell a bottle labelled EVOO, there must be no chemicals used during processing and there are strict guidelines as to the temperature the oil can be extracted at. Due to these laws, olive oil producers will often take the pommus (by-product of EVOO) and heavily process it to strip as much remaining oil as possible - unfortunately, by this stage all the goodness has gone.

What are the main differences between EVOO and vegetable oil?

Vegetable oil is a bit of a myth.. In fact there are no vegetables used in the process of making vegetable oil, rather canola, soybeans, cotton seeds, sunflower seeds.. The list goes on. Unlike EVOO, vegetable oil is highly processed and uses both heat and chemical extraction, meaning the end product lacks all the goodness you are served in a bottle of EVOO.

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