• 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Biodegradable Printing

  • Made in Australia

  • Naturally Produced

  • Recycled Packaging

  • Vegan Friendly

What distinguishes us from others is our commitment to upholding traditional methods, employing sustainable practices, and meticulously overseeing every step of the process.

Dirt Matters

Our exceptional olives owe their quality to our soil-centric approach. Unlike conventional farming, which depletes the land, we enrich our soil.

We compost olive mill waste and pruning remnants, returning them to the soil to boost its nutrients. Through our commitment to regenerative practices, our olive trees flourish, and contributes to a healthier planet


Our pruning serves a dual purpose: firstly, it ensures a manageable canopy for effective harvesting, secondly it facilitates light penetration and airflow within the tree canopy, leading to increased fruit production and reduced susceptibility to diseases.


For most of our olive groves planted for oil production, we employ mechanical harvesters, ensuring efficiency and quality. We still maintain a number of smaller groves that are not machine accessible and in these cases, we turn to hand-operated machinery.

This method extends to our table olives, where we insist on a more delicate approach to avoid any bruising or harm to the fruit. The result of this meticulous process is evident in the firm texture of our olives.

  • Time

    Time is of the essence when it comes to preserving the nutrients and quality of our oil. All fruit we harvest swiftly journeys to our facility, where it undergoes pressing within 6 hours of harvesting.

  • Heat

    In our pursuit of uncompromising quality, we prioritise heat control. Our extraction process is rigorously maintained at temperatures below 27 degrees Celsius, ensuring that the cold extraction method is consistently applied.

  • Malaxation

    The moment an olive is crushed, oxidation begins. To combat this, we employ a specialised grid in our crusher that achieves the optimal particle size, reducing the time olives spend in the malaxer and minimising the risk of oxidation.

Slow Curing

Our most distinctive feature lies in our patient curing methods. While the industry often resorts to chemical accelerants for fermentation, we proudly adhere to a slow, natural salt brine technique that requires 18-24 months for our olives to reach perfection.

This process not only preserves the unadulterated flavour that chemicals tend to strip away but also yields a firmness and satisfying crunch in every olive. What's more, it ensures that you're indulging in completely chemical-free, pure produce.

Sound Good To You?

Don't just take our word for it, grab yourself a bottle and some olives and try it for yourself!

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