We understand that owning an olive grove requires a lot of hard work and expertise.

We make it easy.

At Main Ridge Olive Company, we offer a holistic olive service with solutions to all your needs. 

From the soil to the bottle, our team has extensive experience and a range of equipment to help you reach your goals. We are a one stop service, passionate about helping you every step of the way. 

With the new addition of our Sicma F3 125 Olive Harvester and 6 disk pruning attachment, we have the ability to both harvest and prune on most terrains taking the hassle out of hand harvesting and pruning.

The Sicma Harvester is incredibly efficient, this ensures your olives will be harvested and transported to our press quickly which is optimal for maintaining a high Extra Virgin Olive Oil quality.

  • Disease Control

    Let us help solve problems you may be facing. We know that when it comes to tree health, sometimes the biggest problem can be fighting off pests and diseases. We offer a range of preventative and remedial spraying services to keep your trees in optimal health.

  • Machine Harvesting

    It's what we do! Our Sicma F3 125 Olive Harvester allows us to shake your olives in no time. This service is both cost and time efficient, no need for organising picking teams and you know your fruit will be off to the press in no time.

  • Hand Pruning

    We got you covered. We have different methods based off your preferences and needs. From hand shears to chainsaws, we can hand prune your olive trees for optimal fruit growth and tree health.

  • Machine Pruning

    Love trees but have no time to manage them? We can help maintain your grove with our Sicma F3 125 Pruner. Pruning your trees is essential for maintaining tree health, avoiding pest and disease and promoting fruit growth.

Our experienced team of professionals can help provide solutions to all your olive needs, no matter how big or small.

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I have an olive grove on my property, how do i acquire help with maintenance?

Main Ridge Olive Company offers a leading olive grove maintenance service, and we would love to help you achieve your goals on your property. Visit our ‘services’ page to connect.

My grove is not producing many olives this year, are the trees too old?

Olive trees have an incredible ability to continually produce fruit over the span of hundreds of years meaning age is unlikely to ever be the initial problem. We would suggest reviewing your yearly grove management plan. Are you pruning after each harvest? Do the trees have a sufficient water supply? Have you investigated the health of your soil?

Our team has expert experience in not only managing producing groves, but also repairing groves that have not received the appropriate care. Visit our ‘grove maintenance’ page for details on how we can assist with your grove.

I think my trees may carry a disease, can you help advise on this?

It is possible that your grove may be experiencing symptoms of disease or pests. Most commonly detected on the Mornington Peninsula is the infestation of black scale - a black powdery coating found on the tree’s leaves. This amongst other issues can directly impact the ability to produce fruit but if not handled properly could cause the trees irreparable damage.

Main Ridge Olive Company has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating tree diseases - all of which are chemical and pesticide free. If you wish to speak to us, we can provide a free grove visit and consult, visit our ‘grove maintenance’ page for more details.

I have an olive grove and would like to make oil, how can i book in with your press?

Scroll up and drop us a message. We will get back to you at our earliest convenience with our press availability!

How long does it take to have my olives processed at your facility?

We press all the fruit that arrives at our facility within the same day. We suggest picking up your oil the day following its delivery.

What is the minimum kg off fruit you require to press?

We do not have a minimum pressing kg amount, however, if your harvest is below 500kg, there is a small set up fee.

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